Our Pet Health Plan… tailored to the individual needs of your pet.


Take the worry out of routine pet care by registering your pet with our Lifetime Health Plan, which includes a free health check on registration and a saving of approximately 25% on all products and vaccines purchased during the lifetime of the plan.

Protect your pet against preventable diseases and discomfort by making sure that your pet’s vaccinations, flea, worm and parasite treatments are kept up to date.

Our free initial health assessment will ensure that we prescribe the medications most appropriate to your pet’s individual needs and regular checks ups will allow us to diagnose any potential health issues early to enable your pet to enjoy a long, comfortable and happy life.


What our Health Plan Includes

Our Pet Health Plan will complement any pet insurance you may already have in place by protecting your pet against preventable diseases and includes the following:

An initial pet health check and diagnosis/advice for ongoing care

An annual consultation/health check to maintain and protect your pet’s health

Annual vaccinations to include Kennel Cough for dogs

Year round Flea and Worming treatment

Nurse clinics including dental and weight checks, nail clipping, puppy and kitten clinics

A 10% discount on pet foods purchased from us

A 10% discount on neutering and microchipping fees with us

A 10% discount on any necessary dental procedures


What are the costs?

With plans from as little as £11 per month and payments made by standing order to ensure you remain in charge of the costs, we feel confident that our Pet Health Plan represents superb value for money and will maintain your pets good health.

Our plan costs take into account the size and age of your pet to ensure that we provide the most appropriate and tailored care, and our costs will reflect this. Contact us today to ask for your free pet health check and a quotation for our highly recommended Pet Health Plan.



Your Pet Health Plan will only be valid if you keep up with your payments in respect of such.