Losing a beloved pet is heartbreaking. They leave an absence in our lives that is devastating and this, of course, takes time to heal.

We know that our clients find it helpful to share memories of their pet and so we have dedicated this area of our website to create a ‘Memory Book’ where you can share your thoughts, your treasured memories or just a picture of your special pets.


In memory of our wonderful boy Ace. He came to us as a force of nature but learnt to trust us and settled into our home and hearts. He was the most gentle giant and wonderful companion to us and our Son. We miss you every day Ace but carry you in our hearts forever xx


In memory of our wonderful dog Rupert. He was loved by everyone who knew him. Rupert is missed by all the family and by his two companions Rhiannon and Zennor.


Zippy our darling cat came from Heavens Gate with her sister when she was 3 months old. Zippy sadly passed suddenly on 8thSeptember 2020, aged 13.

Zippy was a beautiful cat, she knew everything we said to her. She loved to sit on laps and had a lovely purr. She loved sitting on the bench in the garden enjoying the sunshine and meowing when she wanted a fuss.

Zippy you will be forever in our hearts, Rest in Peace Sweetheart.


In memory of our special boy Max

We cannot put into words how much we miss you – you were our loyal, bestest friend and your memory will live on forever in our hearts – sleep tight beautiful boy


Mr Beanz

Our dearest kitty Mr Beanz (Beanie) has gone to join his best friend Barclay in heaven. Barclay our shihtzu who departed this life 4 years ago in Seville- Spain. Mr Beanz stayed in Barclays bed for 2 weeks, mourning the loss of his pal. Theo our son can’t remember life without Mr Beanz as a part of it, but Beanz waited for Theo to start college, said his goodbyes and then gently fell asleep. Love you to the stars and back our cutest chocolate point Siamese kitty. You will be greatly missed.


Roussa, our beloved black labrador,  died on 18th January 2019 aged 14. She was the most gentle, caring and affectionate doggie. She loved spending time with us, running in the park and swimming in the river and sea. We feel very lucky to have had her in our lives. Although she never barked, the house now feels very quiet without her. She was a much loved member of the family and we will miss her hugely. We would like to thank Julian and his team for looking after Roussa so well.
Alex, Matt, Alice and Eded Jones


Simba arrived at Heavens Gate in April 2013 with his brother Leo. I immediately noticed what a striking pair of boys they were. Simba was the smaller bossier one who always needed to be within sight of us, but was not really keen on cuddles. Unfortunately, he suffered from a sudden blood clot that was severe. We miss Simba keeping a look out for us all at home. Julian


Shadow was such a loving cat. He came to us from Heavens Gate when he was five years old. I remember he stepped onto my lap when we first met and pretty much stayed there ever since! He loved company and a stroll around the local fields and lived a happy life with us right until he reached his natural end to life. Though he needed a little help in the end, the care that the whole team at Langport Vets gave him throughout his life, and their kind and sensitive help at the end, will always be appreciated and will never be forgotten. It was as if he was one of their own. Caroline.

A Memorial to Poppy

Poppy was one of the most loving and gentle cats that I have ever met. She was very much the wise one of our four cats. Poppy had lived with my wife and her daughter for 16 years after my wife had saved her from what might have been a very different story of her life.

I myself knew Poppy for 11 years after she had welcomed me into her family. She was one of those Cats who knew when you needed some love and would snuggle up to you and purr until you were calm again and she had the softest fur and touch you could ever want.

The things she loved the most were sitting in the sun, on your lap and tickles under the chin and she was not adverse to being picked up and cuddled. She did like to chase the red dot too and sometimes even try and play with the birds that flew across the TV screen.

It’s true that she had the odd disagreement with our other cats, being a tortoiseshell, and was not sure when we had new additions to our furbaby family. But she always had that quiet air of mother of the family. I truly believe Poppy had the closet energy to that of my own mother.

When it was time for us to help her cross the Rainbow Bridge, we all knew it was the right time and Poppy had the best send off getting treats of Cheese and Chicken and plenty of cuddles in the sun. Before she left to run free with our other cats who ran before her, Pinky, Chesney and Gracie.

We would dearly love to thank Dr Cosser and the Staff who were at Street Vets and helped us that day and thank you for the card you sent us. We are so grateful for your kindness, you all have our deepest gratitude.

Last but, not least to Poppy.



You came into our lives as a tiny bundle of fluff. You were forever by our sides. Wherever we went you came. We had so much fun together. You were nuts, and , at times a proper pain in the butt. Everyone loved you though… . But then time took its course !! You’re sight began to fade. Your bones got worn…You became an old man on the outside… But … inside , you were still that ball of fluff that wanted to bound around,bark and go crazy.This is what the kind vet told us we had to let you go. They took you away and peacefully sent you over the Rainbow Bridge. Our hearts broke that day . We miss you so very much.

RIP Tasmanian Devil. June 2018

Love you little man xxx


To our dear little JR Jazzie, we always loved
you so dearly & always will.
God bless darling xx

Ray & Annabel Burr


This is Frank,and when he became seriously ill unwell, he was lucky enough to be a patient of Langport vets clinic in Street.Whilst in their care he was looked after in an amazing manner.Kind words and thoughtful gentleness on each and every visit-both for Frank and his very worried Mum and Dad.Frank loved life,he was loved by everybody,humans and dogs alike!Never a menacing growl and he always tried to be compliant to our requests.A people’s dog,very sweet natured and always laid back!
He will be forever missed,but nine years of happy memories will keep us going.

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